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today's update contains following changes:

  • all new projects will have Phaser 2.2.2
  • exposed scaling options to the editor's UI - will work only on new projects (requires phaser 2.2)
  • added go to line plugin ( ctrl + l ) in source editor
  • added paste in place option ( ctrl + shift + v )
  • added option to change project title ( MyMighty -> Personalize -> title ) - user must be logged in
  • moved Asset and Object panel sub menu items to the first level for quicker access
  • drag and drop asset directly on the map

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Great news!


I would have one suggestion, though, because I found the new grouping icons not the most intuitive.

I'm not really an icon designer, but I could imagine something like this (outline and filled versions):




I saw you used an icon font. I can't offer that. Nevertheless, I'll made eps files:,3jnbis2a7qnq32s,j8728942vti9uxf,7dg90dbjw39mme8,pseyre0fpqdgz8i/shared


No worries, if you think they don't fit well or if it's just to much effort to integrate them. I just gave it a quick try, anyway.





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Yes I was guessing so...


I've honestly did not found one suiting super well. Within most graphic editors, you just select all elements and press ALT+G to group them.


Anyway, the most suitable in my opinion would be either these (/f055 and /f192):



or (/f1b2 and /f1b3):


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