[WIP] My first HTML5 game

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This is my first ever attempt at making a game in HTML5. Really I just started the project as a skill-building exercise and also to see how far you can push the HTML 5 canvas. Please forgive the fact I've borrowed some of the sprites from a well known retro game (although the UI has been rebuilt entirely in CSS), I have no plans to release this project in any real capacity!


The build online is running with an high entity count in a small space just for performance testing. It is largely unoptimised, and I've really only been aiming at desktops, and not mobile devices at this point.


So far this has been about 2 days work. I've just started re-structuring the main game world component, mainly for code neatness and efficiency (the current structure is quite naff). I'm not sure where I will go from there, if anywhere!


I'd love to hear any feedback, thoughts or recommendations on best practice  :) - I've certainly never used JS like this before!



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This game is now here: See Here



Update! (17/02/2015)


I've added basic level loading functionality. I've now also restructured the gameWorld object and am currently restructuring the render and resource loading containers for neater code. I've also temporarly removed user input (although hopefully restore this again soon, although this does need a better structure - it's on the todo list!).



Update! (18/02/2015)


Minor updates today, I've added the walls (although there are minor clipping bugs on external north-south walls which still needs fixing). I've also made a number of performance and memory management improvements.

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