Treasure Arena - Online Battle-Arena

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Hey everyone! Here's my game that I launched just recently:


Treasure Arena is a retro-inspired online battle-arena for up to 4 players (and/or bots). You can pick up various weapons, and block/jump/dodge to evade enemy projectiles. The goal is to defeat your opponents to get their coins -- The player who owns the most coins at the end of the round, wins.




Play Treasure Arena



The game uses Canvas2D for drawing, WebAudio API (with fallback to SoundManager2), Fullscreen API, Websockets (through, and a bit of CSS3.

You can find more screenshots and a gameplay video on the official site.


Note: The game runs in Chrome (preferred), Firefox and IE9+. Mobile is not supported at the moment.


Hope you enjoy, and any feedback is very welcome! :)



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The game seemed great. Graphics were nice and gameplay was good, but unfortunately I found myself quickly pushed off the map and was outside the interior bounds.


Hey, thanks for your feedback. That is a known bug actually, but I'm not entirely sure what causes it.

Did you experience some performance issues or high latency while that happened?

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Because the native performance wouldn't be good enough, and there are no touch controls ;)


Seriously though, even if I turned this into an app, I can't imagine what the controls would look like. I guess it would come down to covering the screen with both thumbs. But then you also need to be able to perform actions like switching weapons, jump, block, etc. I don't think it would be very convenient to play in the end.

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Please talk some more about how the multiplayer implementation works, is it running using the server model? The more info you can share the better!


Yeah, all clients connect to an authoritative game-server, which handles the lobbies and runs its own game-loops.

The clients send their inputs/actions to the server, and the server sends a stream of the most basic data back to everyone. Just enough for the clients to simulate what's going on.


This is just the basic concept, but I hope it was somewhat helpful to you. If I go into more detail, I would probably fill several pages now, hehe. In fact, I already started to write an article about this topic  :)

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I have just saw a friend who was using Kate on KDE Mint. Superficially, it seems to have similar features to sublime text, but don't take my word, since I have not used neither of them for long enough. And contrarily to Sublime Text, Kate is free. 

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