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ChangeLog - atlas and autocomplete

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tomorrow (February 18th)  following changes will be applied.

there might be small downtime approx (1 - 5 minutes)


* atlas:

- export to *.js(on) - assets will have correct atlas specified

- after atlas info update (upload new data file) - all objects will be updated and will show correct frames

- while creating new object from texture atlas ME will try to guess object name based on frame information

- panels will remember scrolling positions after switching tabs in the preview area


* source editor:

- autocomplete automatically will show up on typing

(you can disable it - MyMighty -> personalize -> SourceEditor -> autocomplete)

also you can alway call it manually - Ctrl + space

- "smarter" autocomplete + simple documentation

- source editor will start with index.html, play.js, menu.js, load.js files open


* map editor:

- shift + arrows - will move object by 10px instead of 1px. Notice that Ctrl + arrows - will make grid size jumps


* general:

- form now on all text files will have UTF-8 encoding

- treeViews now uses small thumbnails for the previews - should improve performance in general



thanks to everyone for reporting bugs and sharing ideas for improvements
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Updating now works like a charm! Also good to show that little message telling its updating currently.


One little thing, it happens to me all the time. The asset preview panel is overlapping the side panel. I don't know how this comes.


Speakinig of the asset preview panel, I'd have a suggestion for improvement. All the different frames/sprites of a sprite atlas are now displayed next to each other in tabs. It would be more readable if they would be underneath each other. Maybe like a list on the left side of that panel.


Keep it up!

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you can try to undock panel (just drag preview panel away) and then dock it back.


If your UI layout gets totally screwed - you can reset layout by clicking: MyMighty -> personalise -> reset layout button. 

It will reset all panel positions.


I'm aware that there are issues with panels - some day I'll get back on UI lib (I still have few nice features in mind regarding panels :) )


About previews: I've added issue as improvement to the github tracker - https://github.com/TheMightyFingers/mightyeditor/issues/24 - I'll check on it later.

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