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Well, thats pretty cool,


a little difficult at first try, but one gets used to it.


I give extra points for the real retro feeling.


edit: i supported your game with 2.50$, consider it i payed you a beer for it, everybody gogogo.





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@oddskill: It's a bit difficult, 'cause games these days were more hard to master :)

But i will balance it more, once it's finished & the levels are short, so no too big problem when the player dies.

I want achieve, that the player gets a bit angry when he dies but still wants play on...kkkkkkkkkk


Thank you for the beer!!!..i mean support ^^





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UPDATE: I worked more on the graphics, put some new game elements & changed the level design process to Tiled, so now i can make new levels much faster. 

Please try the game out (link in first post) & tell me what you think,
what could be improved, if you like the art style or if it's way too retro etc.
Any feedback is welcome.



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