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[Completed][Phaser][Retro] Octopus HTML5

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I am completely new in html5 but I would like to upload this game on one of my gaming sites as it looks simple. I see it running on Kongregate, so my question is what would be the procedure of uploading it to my server if you allow it in the first place. I don't want to iframe from Kongregate or anything like that. I've tried already to upload some Construct 2 exported games on my server, and I get  blank screen.

I couldn't find thread which addresses this problemacy, not here nor anywhere else. For now, I find html5 very hard to distribute. Am i missing something? could you plz help


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I think the main issue with an html5 game is to handle correctly the dependencies (js libraries, assets, maybe some css, or webfonts, etc..)

As far as I know, there isn't (yet?) an easy way to package the app and deliver it.

You know, like with flash, where you can embed all ressources in your swf, for example.


So, most of the time, deploying a game through an iframe is the easiest solution.

With octopus, I host the game on my server at:

and then, I tell Kongregate to embed it via an iframe.


That said, if someone gives you a properly made zip file with all the ressources inside, and a well coded app, you should be able to successfully upload and run it.


And you know, until a couple of years ago, there was no easy way to package a html5 app for mobile distribution. Today, through Phonegap or, it's quite easy, so it's probably only a matter of time.




PS: I kind of give the exclusivity to Kongregate for this game, as I checked a box during its submission.

So, I think it's not fare if I allow you to upload it on one of your gaming sites too.

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