ChangeLog - minification

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in the next few minutes update will be deployed on the server. It might take up to 10 minutes.  
With the update following changes will be applied:
  • Project expire countdown added - older projects will start countdown from March 1st.
    All new projects will expire after 30 days.
    After project expire - it will be moved to the trash and after 7 more days it will be wiped.
  • export minified version:
    ME will parse index.html and automatically minify css and js files and will put all files in the one minified file.
    ME will skip already minified files, e.g. phaser.min.js - check is based on filename - looking for .min.js (min.css) part, also remote files will be skipped ( link starting with http )
    remove whitespaces from <head> section in the index html

  • QR codes to exported links added for easier mobile access
  • Another fixes:
    issues on windows server and source editor fixed
    grouping selected group issue fixed


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I just noticed the new button for minifying and was wondering indeed. Cool!



One thing still is a bit strange relating export. The uploaded atlas files get renamed to "atlasname.png.xml".

Which is irritating when you already have them in your local folder as "atlasname.xml". I usually only exchange the .js file and then have to manually rename my atlasnames...


Nothing tremendous but a bit funny though.

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