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SandBoxd.com - An HTML5 Cloud Gaming Portal

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Hello HTML5 Game Devs! I've recently launched my new HTML5 gaming portal called SandBoxd (https://www.sandboxd.com/).


SandBoxd is a web-app designed to run on all kinds of screen sizes and configurations. The only requirement is a HTML5-compliant browser. It is our goal with SandBoxd to push web gaming forward and break free from the traditional app store paradigm.


We already support all the major browsers and provide all the nice features you come to expect from a modern social gaming site such as real time chat, forums, groups, etc.


Currently we are looking for talented game developers to join us in our cause and provide SandBoxd with awesome HTML5 games. Uploading games is easy and doesn't require any modifications to your code. You can read more about uploading games here: http://developers.sandboxd.com/.


We firmly believe that HTML5 gaming is here!

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Yes, I am going to add my game, if i can :)

Btw, can I use my own ads? Or?

Edit2: Can you make plugin for construct 2? 


Of course you can add your own game. :)




You can use your own ads in addition to the ads we run for your game. We pay developers out at 75% of advertising revenue generated by the ads displayed on your game.


We do not have a Construct 2 plugin yet, but we will be looking at this in the future as we expand our SDK selection. Adding your games to SandBoxd does not require you to integrate with our API so simply uploading the directory that you normally view the game with is sufficient.


What is your mobile traffic like?


Currently not very high (~6% for mobile+tablet), but we are looking to build on our mobile audience. We have only been publicly launched for about 3 months now so expect those numbers to grow.

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Has anyone tried this service? Seems maybe a little too young at the moment.

I tryed this.... but i do not know :-D traffic is still too low..


Thanks for the game submissions Raiper34! I really enjoyed your Snowman one in particular.


I do understand that our mobile game traffic is still relatively low, but we will be looking to change that over the next few months.

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