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Physics game works fine for mobile web?

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It's pretty standard box2d stuff.  Just make sure that you pass in the milliseconds elapsed for the box2d physics calculations and not have it assume you're getting 60fps.  You'll see a huge slowdown when weak mobile processors take 32ms to crunch the numbers.

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That game is really addictive :) Sort of like Angry Birds. For the moment I'm only using simple collision detection and simple bouncing mechanisms.

It really depends on how you write the code. Still I'm guessing that JavaScript box2d will not perform very good on mobile devices when a lot of objects start flying.

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Hey there!

yeah man, as YellowAfterlife said, we've developed lots of physics games

Also you can take a look at these:

Steel Story




we are using adapted box2d engine and our framework "Squire".

All our games can be run mostly on all mobile devises

Good luck with your games ;) 



The key thing here is the "adapted box2d". I've used nape and the normal box2d and they are slow...

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