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Hi all! :)

I've just registered to this forum, and I'm very new to make HTML5 games. I want to show you this game that I made with GameMaker: Studio, it's called Basketball Touch.






Basketball Touch is a very simple HTML5 game optimized for mobile, based on physics. The object of the game is to score as many baskets as you can in two minutes. There is a score multiplier, which is incremented when you score a basket, but it will be reset to 1 in few seconds if you don't score another basket.

To throw the ball simply touch (or click) on screen: the direction and force of the shot will depend on the position of your finger relative to the ball to throw.


Let me know what you think. :)


Edit: updated the post to show last version of the game.

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Very strange, I have tested it with my iPod Touch 4th gen with iOS 5 and with my iPad 3rd gen with iOS6. I have tested logged in Clay.io, with a Guest account, and logged out, and always worked. Maybe could you try again later? Perhaps there was a server problem the moment you tried. Thank you for your feedback!

Anyone else has problems viewing the game?

Thank you in advance!

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Nice game! Physics are perfect and keep you hooked.

Graphics are OK, I like the net animation.

Maybe there could be a penalty for spamming balls quickly (like decreasing timer by 2-3 seconds for every ball thrown).

Also, it would be more intuitive to press on the ball and drag to the opposite vector of the throw (like in many archer games).

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I haven't got a clue about why the game doesn't work on iOS 6 on iPod Touch (and probably also iPhones then).

I'll try to investigate. Thank you very much for letting me know if the game does not work!


EDIT: I solved the problem! :)

Now the game works also on iPod Touch (4th gen) with iOS 6. I've tried many different things to isolate the problem. Finally I understood that the problem was that I had set too big texture pages (2048x2048). Setting them to 1024x1024 solved the problem. I'll publish a new version soon.

@totor and @AhmedElyamani: thank you again for letting me know that the game did not work on iPod with iOS 6!

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Version 2.1 is out! :)

It features some little adjustments, and it now works on iPod Touch 4th gen with iOS 6. Thank you all for your feedback! :)

Unluckly performance on iPod Touch 4th gen is not that great. It's strange that performance were better with iOS 5 than with iOS 6. I will try to improve performance. Anyway the game runs greatly on iPad, Nexus 7, and on my Nokia Lumia 520 (Windows Phone 8 low-end device). IE10 is really a great browser!

In a future version I'm planning to have music and sound fx, but at the moment I'm having trouble with the latter.

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