bug: renaming the timeline (aka movie) in ME doesn't work

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Hi folks,


I was creating an animation and tried to rename afterwards.

Well, I can click and edit the name on the tab of the timeline. But when exporting and also after page refresh the new name does not get applied. It keeps the default 'NewMovie'.


I was not using this feature up until now. So I can't say if it maybe was not working properly since longer or just since the update.



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yes indeed - movie renaming didn't triggered sync with the server.


Today I fixed this issue + improved a little bit movie maker plugin:

* added back button -> from local movie to global

* added double click action on movie panel tree view  - double click will enter local movie mode

* adding new movie will trigger select on added movie

* and fixed few visual glitches

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Cool, good to see you're taking care so quick.


Ahhh! Now I get it, yes really good the double click feature.


Now I only hope for my suggestions* to be integrated one day. Selecting multiple keyframes is really helpful. Also bezier curve interpolation between keyframes...


Anyways, good work!




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about video:

Guntis already answered in the youtube comments.. But I'll comment it also here:


* for side tools shortcuts are num 1 - 4

* you can insert 1 keyframe with [sPACE] key - while Timeline panel is active or CTRL + [sPACE] - as global shortcut e.g. while working with map

* that button (~ at 1:45) is supposed to put keyframes in all tracks - at the earlier version it was meant more to place all frames in the 1st and last frame. I'm not sure if that button is very useful at current stage.

I can add any other functionality to that button if necessary.


* Dragging asset on the map has been implemented :)


* Added to the github tracker rest isssues:





Feel free to add features to the github tracker

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Ah, yes, I was not so aware of the shortcuts anymore. I started using the animation editor just these days again.


@* that button (~ at 1:45):

I started using it. In some occasions it was useful. Only better would be to first be able to select several layers in the panel tree view and then apply a keyframe to all these with that button (and / or [sPACE] key)


Thanks for guiding me to the github tracker. I posted it there, now.

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