bug: changing fps in animation editor + animations all start at same time

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Hello again,


I'm opening a new thread for this.


Well I tried to change the fps in the tab of the animation editor and they don't get applied. Not in export neither after page reload.


Second thing is sort a bit strange.

I animated a pig geting smashed into peieces by a hammer. Now within the editor all is timed up well. After export and then playing back via code, it looks odd. I have the feeling all animated elements start at the same time.


Made a test example and indeed they play back at the same time:




I hope this gets fixed quick or at least a hint, how I can achieve it otherwise.


Thanx in advance, Henryk

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Does it works now as supposed?


Imo bug is when first frame is missing.. atm. as workaround - you can always define 1st frame.
e.g. if you want to start an animation from 20th frame - copy 20th frame to the 1st frame. you can also set easings to NONE - then mt helper won't create extra tweens.
I'll try to figure out how to fix it.

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Ah, yes clever workaround. I could have come up with this myself. Is very logic.

Well, I guess it's time for some sleep.


Thanks again, I appreciate very much your fast replies. Always helps.

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