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[WIP][Phaser] Casual basketball physics game

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Hello everybody! I would like to present my first Phaser game (and also kinda my first game ever :)) I made as a school project few months ago. Simple arcade game where you have to get the basketball go through the hoop. I also made leveleditor with phaser so making levels would be easy, and the levels are saved in json-files. The progress is saved in localStorage.


I haven't really developed it more lately, and the main reason is that I could not figure out why (physics contact) sound is delayed on android devices. I tested it with chrome for android and also with CocoonJS. Maybe listening to contact events just eats too much performance? On iPad it seemed to work fine.


On the photo I attached you can see the game and level editor in the background.


Please test it and tell me what you think of it :). And btw he levels are not in balance as you can't get all 3 stars on all levels.


You can find the game here:


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Android device can be very buggy and vary a lot even on same version, but in your case hardware it's probably the main cause of the sound delay.


Anyway I like the physic behind this kind of games, and this one seem nice aswell, i found out a bug where sometime u get points just by touching the outside net.


Not a bad game at all to be a first try :)

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