Ship starts flying on changing y position

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In my code, after checking a condition, I changed the y position of my sprite (a ship). When I do that, the ship does not stay at that position, instead it flies off the screen. 


The code:


answer: function(sprite) {   if( == "have")   {       this.bgMusic.stop();       this.bgMusic.loop = false;              this.cheer ='cheer');;              this.ship.y=340;       this.text.y=420;}

I tried adding 


but it has no effect. What seems to be the issue?




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I understood the issue. It is because answer is called only when the condition becomes true and then the function exits. How do make the control sty within the function?

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If you have a Body that is being moved around the world via a tween or a Group motion, but its local x/y position never actually changes, then you should set Body.moves = false. Otherwise it will most likely fly



It sounds exactly as your problem. You're having physics system on, plus you're changing sprite's position and physics system is (probably) using this new posistion for physics calculations. Hence suprising sprite's movement.

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