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Add this fun cute little adventure "Super Chibi" game on your website. :)


Game Link:
Game img:

Follow Chibi on her journey to fantasy land.
She needs your help to be able to pass through levels filled with challenges.
Run and jump into this cute little adventure "Super Chibi".

1. to Start the Game Press SPACEBAR or ENTER
2. If you're stuck somewhere or want to restart the game just Press the number 0.

How to Play?
Left and Right Arrow key to move the Chibi.
UP Arrow key to Jump
Down Arrow key to Crouch
SpaceBar to Pause/Continue the game.

Collect all the stars, hearts and reach the flag to complete each level.



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Wow, looks and plays great. :) The music is pretty cool too, really nice production value here.


The moving platforms in the snow level (just after the 3rd star) are way too hard imho. The first two levels are relatively easy, but I got stuck there couldn't get past it. Also, when you miss a star and reach the end of the stage, you just stand the by the flag, maybe there should be a message "find the missing star" or something.

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It's cute and funny, and I like the Mario feel, but you should consider changing its name :)


See what I mean? also you should make some adjustments to the tiled background, when you play the game (I think you have "letterbox fullscreen" enabled) that annoying black line appears between the object in the background. I also had trouble with that so it helps just to re-position it or fix the size I think. Anyway, good job!

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Good game. Enjoyed playing the first couple stages. 


I have  a question - Is there any way, or do you plan to add ways for the character to level up or power up?

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