Couple of starter PIXI questions

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Just assessing PIXI as a potential replacement for the rendering portion of my game engine and have a couple of questions:


1) In my engine I have separate scenes, each scene contains a bunch of stuff, for example, one scene could contain the HUD, another could be game level1, another level 2 etc.. Is it feasible for me to have a separate stage for each of these scenes? Or is it recommended to have only a single stage?


2) Can a stage have a transparent background?


3) I cannot seem to find anything related to sprite layering, is this supported?







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Stage can have a transparent background 


PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(renderWidth, renderHeight, {'transparent':true}); 


i think its better to have 1 stage with many DisplayObjectContainer .. 


For sprite layer its just set when you add something to a stage ..

Exemple :

stage.addChild(object1); layer 1 

stage.addChild(object2); layer 2 ..

Use DisplayObjectContainer  to have many item on 1 layer


See the documentation it will help you alot .. im still a new user from pixi but i respond my best

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Thanks for the reply. So basically I can derive my Scene from DisplayObjectContainer  or just create an DisplayObjectContainer and add that to the stage?


I think PIXI ideally needs some kind of programming guide, at the moment I'm finding reading the source more informative than API reference as its difficult to pick up context from API docs.

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