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A bunch of Solitaire Card Games by CodeThisLab srl

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We have released a bunch of card  games! 


Take a look! 


  1. High or Low
  2. 3 Cards Monte
  3. Free Cell Solitaire
  4. Spider Solitaire    
  • High Quality Graphics 
  • Optimized for mobile and desktop 
  • Code Sources Included 
  • Highly Customizable 







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These are some professional looking games, the graphics look great and I like the background music too. :) I especially like freecell. Some remarks though..


High or Low: The game feels rigged, when I go all in as first move I always lose. And the red background of the "the aim of the game is.." screen makes it look like it's a warning screen or something, I think the 3cards rules screen looks better. And the "bet" button is not needed I think, after the player places a bet he should just be able to press the "high" or "low" buttons  to place the bet. First having to click on Bet and then High or Low feels like an extra unnecessary click.


Freecell: Nice game, but it would be cool if you can double tap on a card to make the most obvious move, like put a card on a stack to the right, instead of dragging it. This is more user friendly and especially useful at the end of a game. Also, I've played microsoft freecell and there you can move more than 4 cards at once, regardless of how many freecells you have.

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While playing again today I think I ran into a bug. The left most stack has 17 cards and I can drag the two cards 3clubs + 2diamonds together, but I when I try to drag just the 2diamonds it gives a javascript error in the console.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined  main.js:13


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I've been playing some more Free Cell, I really like the game for some reason. :)


But I noticed another little bug. When you switch to another browser tab at the start of a new game, so while the cards are being dealt, and then alt-tab back to Free Cell in the browser, the display priority of some cards is wrong. Some cards appear on top of other cards when they should go behind them.




Also, an option to undo-last-move would be nice.

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