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Ubuntu SDK HTML5 support!

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I was just surfing developer.ubuntu.com and then I was amazed to see Ubuntu SDK Beta Release post! Ubuntu SDK aims to support HTML5 app development and native theme for them so they have the look and feel of native apps. It is very important in Linux because unlike windows there are like hundreds of popular themes which people use. Like I used a customized theme with feel of OSX and icons of GNOME. Thanks ubuntu for making HTML5 first class citizen. B)


Original Ubuntu SDK Beta release post: http://developer.ubuntu.com/2013/07/ubuntu-sdk-beta-released/

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Very interesting. Would you be willing to help me get Phaser running properly under this new wrapper? If it's a lot of work / research I'm happy to discuss payment for your time looking into it.

Ubuntu and phaser are my favourite open source technologies. I use Ubuntu as main development machine and looking forward to use phaser as the main framework to develop HTML5 game so helping to get phaser work well under Ubuntu SDK would be time well spent. So no need of payment ;)


I was waiting for Phaser 1.0 release. I have just started off with phaser and most probably it would take a week to master then I will help in getting phaser working well under Ubuntu SDK.

What Operating System you use as development box? Do you have access to real/virtual installation of Ubuntu?

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I use Windows 8 mostly but have a MacBook Pro for OS X testing. Let me know what you find out, would love to know if it works :) (and if not, how I can fix it)

I would make a new thread at Phaser forum to post updates as soon as I start. This would be a good little challenge but I think it wouldn't be very difficult.

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