[Released] Travelogue

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We've just released our first commercial game, Travelogue. It had a kind of a break-neck 3-month development schedule - I basically wanted to test the waters before deciding to focus on game-making as a career but before my current job ended and I had to start sending out applications. All three of us were basically doing this on the side of full-time jobs.


Here's our trailer; the awesomely over-the-top voice-over is thanks to Whiskeyninja.

There's also browser-based demo you can play


We're selling the game both at our site, and on




There's quite a bit I would have done differently in retrospect - its a pretty niche game for a first offering, and the interface could stand to be much more polished and dynamic.

The web demo has also been a source of a lot of trouble, with sound incompatibilities under IE, then the fix to those breaking Chromium, then the fix to that breaking Opera, and so on. I really need to find 'the right way' to do sound in HTML5/JS because this has been ridiculous (doubling up the download size just to include mp3 and ogg versions for different browsers meant I could barely fit the demo onto Kongregate).

The other thing that was a big risk with this project is that its basically a Javascript/HTML5 game, but we're trying to sell it at a $10 price point. It was pretty clear that, regardless of what the game was, we'd be fighting the 'its a browser game, it should be free' expectation, so we packaged the game with Node-Webkit and turned it into a native application for Windows and Linux, installer and all. Even the web demo being browser-based seems to trigger this reaction somewhat, though I think its probably worth the traffic that the demo generates for us.

So all in all this has been a learning experience that reminds me of that one Go proverb 'lose your first 100 games as quickly as possible'.

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Looks really interesting, just played for a couple of minutes and liked it. I don't have much time to play right now, but definitely plan to give it a proper look later. 


Keen to follow along and see how you get on, as I'm in a similar situation: working on my first proper game (about to release the alpha in a day or two) which is really a desktop sim game rather than casual. I've been considering bundling it with Node-Webkit for the exact same reason as you have.

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