Strings, Clues, Rooms, Collections, Buckets, Paths through history

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These are 6 new simple games (built with Phaser), all using the same content in different ways. Each game has 7-10 topics including history, science, literature, art. My intent is to create a framework for education use that can be loaded with student-created content -- allow students (or teachers, or anyone, really) to create a game with their own content. New content can be loaded in a few hours. The framework will be released free to the education community if it proves useful.


The games are simple, can each be played in 10-15 minutes, or even less.


High scorers can post their achievement to Facebook.


Let me know what you think.


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I tried string in british museums, unfortunately I did not understand it or its buggy. I believe I was supposed to place things in chronological order, but after placing all, my score was zero and I could no longer change anything. I assume I made a mistake, but it would be nice to have some kind of a solution at the end. 

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Thanks for finding this bug. I found and fixed a bug that I am pretty sure caused this, from an upgrade in Google analytics, a spot that I missed in the upgrade. There was also a timing bug in the Facebook connection that I fixed also. I am pretty sure this is solved.


Thank you.



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