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can't destroy p2 bodies created by 'convertCollisionObjects' from Tiled

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this is how the array that contains all the physicsbodies is created

 polyline_bodies = game.physics.p2.convertCollisionObjects(supermap,"polygons");

i can then cycle over all bodies and flawlessly set collisiongroups, materials and so on.. but if i want to cycle through this array and kill the physics bodies in it

for (i=0; i<polyline_bodies.length; i++){        polyline_bodies[i].destroy()}

i get the following weird error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'body' of nullc.Physics.P2.Body.destroy @ phaser.min.js:23level0.update @ game.js:616

how can i destroy the bodies in there.. 


thank you !

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well sorry..   as i already wrote twice the array "polyline_bodies" already contains the physics bodies (hence the name)


the is no property body on a p2 body..   there just isn't !  whatever you are doing you are doing something different..


if your code works than only if your array contains sprites..    sprites have a body property which has a sprite property (recursive)  in that case you should be able to call destroy() right away "polyline_bodies.destroy()" and it should work..


my question is:

i'm calling destroy() on a p2 physics body and it isn't working..  instead i get this weird error message from above..  


this only happens on p2 bodies that are polygons created from a tilemap..  


the only difference between a body that i can destroy and this one is that the first one also has a sprite.. the undestroyable body has sprite:null 

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Did you find a solution to your problem?


When using a body by calling var _body = new p2.Body(); _body is created containing and null parent.


So for matter of discussion lets make a new body and a sprite to it.

var _body = new Phaser.Physics.P2.Body(game,game.add.sprite(0,0),0,0,1);


calling _body.destroy(); will nullify the sprite, but since the sprite has it's own body that is not linked to our body our will not be destroyed.


Lets make an body without a sprite:

var _body = new Phaser.Physics.P2.Body(game,null,0,0,1);


_body.destroy(); won't do anything to it, since it seems it will only, as you stated, recursively destroy the _body.sprite.body.


Right now I'm just adding and removing the from the world using:;;


and then just nullify the rest, any other input on this?

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