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Converting Spine files to '.anim' format

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I'm attempting to get a spine animation running in Pixi:

In the examples ( a '.anim' file is loaded (along with a json).


var assetsToLoader = ["data/dragonBones.json", "data/dragonBones.anim"];

However I cant figure out how to export or convert my spine files into this format. (Currently I'm exporting a ".atlas", a ".json" and a ".png")


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Whoops.. Thanks, for the heads up!


Edit: :/ sry to keep this thread open. The example is spread out over too many source files and languages for me to follow..


I just want to get the animation playing in a simple page. I've added pixi and pixi-spine in the header, but as soon as I add the later, I get the following error in line one of pixi-spine:

Error: Cannot find module 'pixi.js'

I'm new to JS, and not using any build tools.. Are there other libs that I have to add, or am I failing elsewhere. *All files and assets are in the same folder, btw.



Edit, Edit: I downloaded the examples project, and get the same error when I run the Spine examples. (the others work fine)

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