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Chrome not rendering the phaser canvas.

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Works fine for me on Chrome  42.0.2311.135 (64-bit) on OSX. Have you tried using Chrome Canary, the beta version?


So, I don't REALLY know what I'm talking about... But that looks an awful lot like VRAM corruption. Do other games work in that browser on that computer?

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Using Chrome Version 42.0.2311.152 (64-bit) on OSX Snow Leopard on a 2.66Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon Mac Tower with NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 Graphics card. It worked fine then one day just stopped and looked like the above :(  All the Phaser examples on their site look like this too. But everything works in Firefox. I just want to use Chrome for the js console at least :(  How do I get this browser working again? 

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First try disabling all extensions. I know there are a few Chrome extensions out there that try to optimize HTML5 performance, and if you have anything like that it may be messing up.


If that isn't an issue, I would probably do a fresh reinstallation. Something has gone terribly wrong there. 

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