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Mouse events - Stage.getMousePosition()

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Trying to accomplish a very simple thing - get the x and y values of the current mouse coordinate.


I found this method defined here

However javascript console says: Uncaught TypeError: stage.getMousePosition is not a function

Using the latest pixi build (as of 14.5.2015). Are the docs outdated or am i doing something wrong?


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God I'm so stupid, it is "renderer.plugins.interaction" not "renderer.interaction" so sorry about that!!


if you was to make a drag or drop function, which one are u mostly likely to use?

function onMove (e){     var mouseData =;}


function onMove (e){      var mouseData =;}

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For drag specifically I don't think it matters because all that matters is the delta between the moves, not what the point is when you check. Whichever feels best to you is probably good, getLocalPosition does involve some matrix calculations so *maybe* you want to avoid that if you don't *need* to know the exact local position?

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