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recycling enemies on recycled platforms

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I'm trying to practice the phaser framework (and programming in general) by trying to recreate a doodle jump/papi jump game. I have the little ball jumping, enemy on the screen with collision detection and all the platforms being recycled once they die, however I have not been able to recycle (or even place) my enemies on the platforms. Because the platforms are not fixed I can't simply say ( x, y) cause the platform won't always be there. I tried: enemy = game.add.sprite( game.platform.centerX, game.platform.centerY, 'enemy' ); but to no avail. 


Am I on the right track? or not even close? Has anyone ever had the same problem and just overcome it in a different way, like creating a platform with an enemy on it by itself, and that entire sprite being its own class that's called on via a timer delay?



Hopefully this is not too n00by of a question. Tips or directing me to resources are all helpful. Just trying to kill my 'hero', guys(and gals).. 


thanks again!

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Oh, ya. Realized what I was talking about were "groups". anyone who has seen any of my previous questions can guess; no, no I am not a programming student/professional. Just find this very interesting. :P

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