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I would like to show you Baku´s Legend. It´s a game we created some months ago using the WiMi5 HTML5 game engine


The game is inspired by the Japanese legend of Baku. Baku has the body of a bear, the nose of an elephant, the feet of a tiger, the tail of an ox, and the eyes of a rhinoceros. The legend says that when the gods finished creating the animals, they took all of the odds and ends lying around and put them together to make the Baku.

Baku is the eater of nightmares that people pray to at night to come and suck away nightmares so that they may never be seen again.
* A ‘flyer’ type game.
* Easy to play. Keep touching or clicking the screen to fly up, release it to fly down.
* Global and individual high-score.
* Works on every device
Any kind of feedback is welcome :)

More screenshots:




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The game is simple, but I guess that is a demo. I've played it on all my devices. It work's really well on my Moto X.

I researched and the game is also available on Google Play and Chrome Web Store. Quite interesting WiMi5 as tool to make games!. 



Great art and easy playing ! Goes perfect in my iPhone 6. I've started using Wimi5, it is awesome !

Thanks :)

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