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Ensuring that all assets have been loaded in Preload state

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Hello all,

I don't actually know if this is a Phaser issue or if this is a server related problem. So, sometimes when I start my game and go through the Preload-state, I get this log message in browser's console which says that one of the assets wasn't loaded. It's a Phaser message and it goes like Phaser.Loader error loading file... When this happens the file is always different. Sometimes it's an audio file, sometimes a single image file or sometimes a spritesheet. It's completely random.


Now I'm wondering if there is any efficient way to ensure that every file has been loaded before switching state. Do I have to check the game's cache with every key or is there any better way?


I'm using Phaser 2.2.2 and in the Preload state I'm loading quite a load of files:

  • 10 audio music files
  • 22 audio fx files
  • 41 single image files
  • 24 spritesheets
  • 2 atlas files

This has happened on both PC and mobile.


It would be great that the game wouldn't skip a file in any case because that eventually leads into a crash.

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Is your game wrapped around :

window.onload = function () {};



No, it's not. In my index.html file I load all script files inside <head> tag and then inside <body> tag I load main.js, which is the main game file.


Would this window.onload help in this preload issue of mine? How?

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Try something like this:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head>    <meta charset="utf-8" />    <title>Monster Wants Candy demo</title>    <style> body { margin: 0; background: #B4D9E7; } </style>    <script src="src/phaser.min.js"></script>    <script src="src/Boot.js"></script>    <script src="src/Preloader.js"></script>    <script src="src/MainMenu.js"></script>    <script src="src/Game.js"></script></head><body><script>window.onload = function() {    var game = new Phaser.Game(640, 960, Phaser.AUTO, 'game');    game.state.add('Boot', Candy.Boot);    game.state.add('Preloader', Candy.Preloader);    game.state.add('MainMenu', Candy.MainMenu);    game.state.add('Game', Candy.Game);    game.state.start('Boot');};</script></body></html>

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The window.onload event is fired by the browser when EVERYTHING has finished loading - this includes the DOM, images, iFrames and scripts.


So if I do it like icp suggested, will it also make sure that all the loadings inside my Preload state get assuredly done? I mean that even though it makes sure that all scripts etc. have been loaded, I'm still making the game load more files when Boot-state has completed and switched to Preload state.

window.onload = function() {var game = new Phaser.Game(640, 960, Phaser.AUTO, 'game');game.state.add('Boot', Candy.Boot);game.state.add('Preloader', Candy.Preloader);game.state.add('MainMenu', Candy.MainMenu);game.state.add('Game', Candy.Game);game.state.start('Boot');};

Preload state starts inside window.onload after Boot.

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I'm wondering if I could do this somehow by adding a function to Loader's onFileError event. The difficult part of that is all different file types, I guess. At least if I make it to load something again by using basic commands ( this.load.spritesheet...)

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