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[Phaser] Online Multiplayer Bomberman (open source)

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Since I always loved playing bomberman as a kid, I decided to make an online multiplayer clone of the game using Phaser. I've called it "Bomb Boy Online" but it pretty much plays like the classic bomberman games. You walk around, place bombs, and try to blow up the other players. You can get various powerups that can increase the blast radius of your bombs, the number of bombs you can hold, and your speed.


The game contains a lobby where you can host/join games. Up to 8 games can be in session at the same time.


Here's a link to the game:


Source code:


Here are some screenshots of the game:



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I appreciate the feedback, both of you.


Nice! any reason there is only 8 rooms and not unlimited? 


Thanks :). So there are two reasons for that:


1) Only about 8 slots could fit onto the 600 x 600 canvas, and when I created the lobby initially my goal was just to get it to a working state and then move on and finish the rest of the game. I told myself I'd come back to it and adding either scrolling, pagination, or search but by the time I finished the game I no longer saw the necessity of it.


2) I'll need to run tests to confirm this, but I would be worried about network performance with unlimited games since the whole thing is running on a single heroku dyno (which is basically a VM on a VM). Managing lag has been a constant battle throughout this whole process, and I'm not sure if the game in its current state can handle that much concurrent traffic without a spike in packet drop/delay. The game is built with WebSockets, which uses TCP, so the game is especially sensitive to these issues.


To be completely honest, it's about 90% reason number 1.


unfortunately no one was around so I could not play... maybe you need a single player version, so waiting for others is made less boring? also for practice/understanding the gameplay.


Thanks for the suggestion. This is something I'm definitely considering, since I think it'd be a really fun challenge for me to implement some artificial intelligence that works well in the multiplayer environment. I haven't posted my game on any indie game portals yet, but maybe when I do, there'll be some more users. As for understanding the gameplay/testing the mechanics, I did this during development by just opening up two windows and playing against myself.

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