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I have a container that contains another pixi element. A graphics object in this example. As pixi is a scene graph I can rotate the container and the grapics object contained within is rotated too.

Now I attach a mousemove event to the graphics object and I convert the event coordinate to the graphics object like


var pos = event.data.getLocalPosition(graphics);


However, it appears to be that the coordinate system scales and translates but does not rotate. See this fiddle to illustrate. When you move the cursor along the length of the rectangle I expect no change in y and only a change in x.




What I require is event coordinates that are aligned with the graphics object. How do I do this or what am I doing wrong?

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Please please please respond developers. I am stuck and I still think there is a bug when rotation is used in conjunction with getLocalPosition. (Pixi version 3.0.7)


Checkout this fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/sD8Tt/231/


The working example returns the correct coordinates for the graphics object when position is set and scale is set. However, when graphics is rotated the coordinates are wrong and make no sense to me in any context.

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