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iOS 8 landscape navigation bars

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I'm developing a card game that is played in landscape orientation.

In iPhone the game goes full screen as soon as it is in landscape, but because cards to be played are positioned at the bottom of the screen, pressing on them triggers the appearance of the navigation top and bottom bars again. It is really necessary to have input in that area of the screen, so changing it is not an option.

Also, when these bars appear game doesn't rescale properly. I assume Safari is sending a wrong window.innerHeight value, because part of the game is still displayed behind the bottom bar. Is there any way to detect the actual visible area in this case?

How do you guys deal with iOS 8 safari in landscape?

Thanks in advance for any help :)

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Hi, I'm write script that listen change resolution and manual resize html body.

Also it needed set 100% height on bot html and body tag, position:fixed.

You must wait some time before resize your canvas.


Thanks for your reply alagatar.

My main question is how do you detect the actual window size, since it seems to be returning a value that does include the part of the window covered by the bottom bar. I get from your message that if you add some delay after the resize this value is correct?

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