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Blurry text

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Im having trouble rendering text that doesn't end up super pixilated. I'm finding it happens with most text, but mainly text that updates. Is there a good way to prevent text from becoming blurry? Im using fontface, would bitmap text be a better option?





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You need to place the text with an offset of 0.5, taking into account any anchor points of containers. 


"Just offset with half a pixel, and it’ll render nice and sharp. This works, because in SVG and in Canvas, pixels aren’t seen as an indivisible unit. You can draw on a part of a pixel.

When you code a line to start at a certain pixel, you are actually starting the line in the top-left corner of that pixel. When that line is 1px wide, half a the line gets drawn on one pixel, and the other half on the one next to it, resulting in a blurry line.
As I said, this is’t really SVG or Canvas’ fault. SVG and Canvas should not care about pixels, because they work in vectors. The lines are blurry by design. However, the last thing a canvas or SVG developer should want is code littered with +0.5 and currently, this is exactly what happens."

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I just ran into this problem, and I disagree with GrindheadGames' answer.


The solution for me was to make sure all text objects' x positions were whole numbers. Additionally, if your text objects are nested within other objects, those too should be placed at integer positions.


A simple text.x = Math.round( text.x ) should do the trick!


FWIW, I'm using webfonts as demonstrated here ( I'm not sure if this problem or answer applies to system or bitmap fonts.

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Hey, Just for anyone else who runs into this issue and wants to keep using a Phaser.Text object. Simple extension to the Phaser.Text prototype.

Phaser.Text.prototype.defuzz = function () {            var _this = this;            setImmediate(function () {                var dx = _.round(_this.worldPosition.x) - _this.worldPosition.x;                var dy = _.round(_this.worldPosition.y) - _this.worldPosition.y;                _this.x += dx;                _this.y += dy;            });        };
I call this after creating a Phaser.Text object, or updating the text:
var textObject = new Phaser.Text(, 0, 0, text, textStyle);textObject.setText('Some text');textObject.defuzz();
Two caveats to this method:
  • You require access to setImmediate, could be replaced with something similar.
  • If you call it extremely frequently the text could creep to the bottom-right.

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