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[Phaser] The Clock & The Chaos

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Hello! I've just done a game with Phaser for a game jam requiring to make a game with < 5 minutes of gameplay.


The game is about an automaton trying to repair a clock tower while chaotic energy is tearing it apart.


You can play it on GameJolt:





Use the arrow keys or WASD.
Left and right to move, up to jump, down to repair.
Don't let chaos reach the inner gears. If they break, the game ends


Media used:

Images and animations are all done by programming, using canvas drawing primitives. They are generated as the game starts.
The music is "suddenly, i feel alone" by OmegaP
The sounds are public domain from
The font is "Metamorphous" by Sorkin Type Co


Developed using:

Game done using Javascript with the Phaser framework.

Text editor: Notepad++
Image editor: None
Sound editor: Audacity



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I love the way character is moving around these cogs... Really cool, I would like to see something like that, but with rockets and guns ;)
BTW using only canvas primitives is quite impressive, I must admit :)

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Well, to be honest that canvas thing started as a necessity. At the beginning I was thinking to do a more complex level layout, with many cogwheels of different size. Something like the attached image.


I couldn't just draw an image and resize it because the size of the teeth had to be the same and their number had to change according to the size of the cogwheel. So the best way I've found is to generate them on a canvas and put them in the game cache, instead of drawing them one by one.

Also the clock layout had to be precise and probably more time consuming to draw instead of writing a couple of for loops to draw the minutes marks and to write the numbers.
Then it became a sort of challenge :D


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Great looking game, I agree with what sodomo said. And also, the music and sound design is very cool. Love the clock ticking and bells and creaky sound effects.

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