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Day D: Tower Rush is tower defense HTML5 game where one has got a chance to change the course of history, straight up from Jurassic period!

Here is a battle between technocratic and ancient creatures! Would you defeat in this fight against the hordes of dinosaurs?




Your mission is to protect your base with a time machine, thoroughly pursuing a strategy and employing your own tactics. Start building crossbow towers to attack fast-ah-saurs, constantly appearing and running to your base. Build as many towers as you need to beat all assailants, gather resources to do upgrades which may bring you health, more power or improve a capability to defend with confidence.




Each level brings lots of new features, new weapons, increasing the amount of dinosaurs with other ancient enemies. Choose what you ameliorate after each level in a workshop.



Science versus ancient creatures, who will win? It is your time to defend and get back into a future!


Play it online on your devices: http://playtomax.com/games/Dino-Rage/

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