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CSS2/DOM psuedo 3D road

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Hi Peeps

I used the stuff on Lou's Pseudo 3d page to make a road in CSS - it's just straight and flat at the moment but I thought I'd share for fun.


there's a couple of images which need to load so you need to give it a few seconds.

on phones it looks better landscape.

James Cat

Lou's Pseudo 3d page : www.extentofthejam.com/pseudo/

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lol ... I know such reactions. People nowadays sometimes dont value realtime calculated stuff anymore.

That said,actually your friend is right in terms of performance,production costs etc.

Nevertheless,you know how the stuff works "behind the scenes" whether you generate a animated GIF out of it or not.

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heh yes :-)


'behind the scenes' there are variables in the code that allow you to change camera position on the fly - in the final thing I'll make the camera height/zoom shift slightly according to the player position - like you say it's one of those 'behind the scenes' things, I'm just hoping to create a demo of applying old arcade raster techniques with DOM.


Thanks for your words of support!

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