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I gave it a play (on desktop).  Here are a few thoughts:


- for the first few goes I didn't realise I could move the aimer left and right so found even level 2 impossible!  Maybe have an on-screen graphical/animated hint for the players first go?


- when did I discover the left and right controls I found it a little unintuitive, even a single tap seemed to make the aimer move right across.  I expected it to move only as long as I held the mouse/touch down.


- on a similar note, with the current controls and large 'fire' hit area i found it very difficult to position precisely (which the game often needed)


- when the level is complete, personally I would have a prominent 'next' button that triggers the next level rather than (or as well as) the 'levels' button that sends the user back to the level selection screen each time.


- in terms of gameplay/difficulty I couldn't get past level 3 (mainly due to the lack of control finesse) and would probably not persevere if the game was 'out in the wild' - but it it might just be that this kind of game doesn't appeal to me!  I'm sure there are others that like the challenge.

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Thanks for your input.


The graphical hint seems like a good idea which I will probably implement.


As for the precision it requires it is part of the game because you have to aim and fire at the right time, (a quick way to position the launcher in a correct spot is to click/tap between the blocks that you want to pass through)


And the next button is something that is indeed needed.


Thanks again.

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