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[WIP] Bad Pad - DevBlog [Platformer], playable demo online!

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The menu music is terrible. Flat tone of death that don't loop correctly.


The tutorial seems to be little buggy. After I was tought how to jump the key that moves forward in the tutorial was some wasd key that I learned after some buttonsmash.

Then there were no actual "press down" to go trough these floors in one of the tutorial levels. Then the tutorial levels were rated?

Why was my character red in some situtations after taking the triangle? Seemd that it was used before it was explained.


Mostly it ran well and I liked the consept. Those were just the first things that came to mind. Better than 90% of the button smashers I have seen here.

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Hi first of all thanks for playing!

Now to your comments, the music is by no mean final it's just some pieces of music I have around, I will make a new an original soundtrack for the game, but right now I am more focused on the code.


The tutorial was made in an earlier version and was not updated yet, here a some features that are not mentioned in the tutorial yet:
1. down to fall through floors.

2. up/down while gliding over a fan for extra control.

3. mid-air hold down and press jump to do a bash drop

4. shift while wall climbing climbs higher.

5. holding jump on a bouncer jumps higher.

6. swim up with jump and navigate with the arrows.


Eating the triangle makes you invincible for a few seconds, that's why you're big and red :)


So basically I need to update the tutorial :)


Oh, I just noticed i forgot to set the size of the text object and the text in the tutorial got cut after one line, that's why you didn't know what to do, I fixed it now.


Tutorial level has been updated to show all features!

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Tried it again.

Went trough something like 6 levels.

Didin't notice info/warning after you moved from the tutorial to actual levels. I tought it was a really hard tutorial :)



Theme of the game "hero about a game pad" doesen't really fit into the generic castle settings?


Still I like it mostly because of the controls. Keep up the good work.

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There should be an end level screen on all levels including the tutorial with replay and play next level, but it's not implemented yet.


You mean hard to understand or hard to preform?

Maybe I should put just the basic movement and when you reach a level where you need a new action I will show it there, so it won't be too much to learn in one shot, you really don't need most of those features in the early levels.


I had some ideas about the theme/graphics, but I am not getting into it just yet, I just made some stuff so it won't be boring on the eyes, I am not that good with graphics anyways, I'll probably look for someone for hire or a partner in crime :)


I am currently working on adding all obstacle types, then I'll work on the level design which might take a while, then it's graphics and all the rest.


And thanks again!

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Thanks for playing guys!

The music and sound effects are just placements for the demo, I haven't really worked on it yet, its all very basic.

About the levers, I am not sure that is the solution since there going to be a lot of levers and it will be annoying if I'll switch layouts on every one of them.

There are signs assigned to levers that controls gates that are placed in another layout and the same sign is also placed above the gate that lever controls, isn't that enough hint?

Did you even noticed them?

Maybe I need to make them pop out more, they have not been designed yet, I'll keep it in mind when we'll get to it.

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Good news, Level 2 is now available for play, click here to play it!

This one has a little boss level at the end, the graphics for X ship and cannons are not done yet, so it might look a little off from the rest of the game.

If you previously played and finished the first level and did not click on start a new game, you can click on continue and go through the new door that will take you straight to level 2.

There were some minor updates in level 1, plus there are some new graphics, next level will be released on the 21.1.2016, stay tuned!

Here is another treat for you, I've just received this new promo image from the guys at the studio, it will probably go through some more changes, but I really love how it turned out, kudos to Oray Studios!


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On 1/8/2016 at 8:04 PM, rothers said:

This is quite a nice game in terms of the feel, it's very smooth and responsive however that bloody music loop is grating, have you considered using mod music to replace it?

I remember making some mod files way back in the 90, I agree it will suit the game style, but I am afraid my lack of skills in making mod music will set me back, do you know of any service I can use or any mod maker for hire?

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nope had not noticed the symbols. I also did not notice that you can press shift to run, makes things a bit easier. eventually got stuck again when i was supposed to enter the red door (I had the key, it opened). but I did not know how to get inside.

edit: found out how. shift again. conventional stuff would be the up arrow, maybe add that?

edit: gave up again. it's all rather confusing, I never know where to go. the symbols are so obscure, they do not mean anything to me and I do not remember them. jumping around looking for that one bloody door that opened is not my cup of tea :P

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Hi, thanks for trying it again and for your comment, I really appreciate your thoughts!

Shift is the action button, it's all explain in the "how to play" scene, it used for running, using doors and later on for shooting.
There are some more game mechanics you should be aware of, maybe i'll force the player to go through the tutorial on the first play only, in case he missed it.

I agree about the doors, I will add the UP arrow for using doors and gates.

About the symbols, I hear ya, if I'll change the symbols to numbers or letters would that make it easier for you to remember?
What about adding a global map with all the gates marked on it?, or will that make it too easy?

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Are we talking about the doors or the levers/gates?

The locked door is the end of the level, there are some opened doors on some levels that takes you to other scenes on the same level, but only 1 locked door and 1 key and of course there is an opened door at the beginning of each level that takes you back to the previous level, you will need to go back sometimes.
So you meant adding a sign to these doors with the level number, 1.1, 1.2, etc?

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