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Hi Guys, 


I am an experienced JS dev and looked at phaser recently and was really impressed. 


However i noticed that with regards to the docs its not clear how a game sort of fits together. I mean i have looked at the examples and have seen the game data.json, and can sort of pick it apart. But there isnt any sort of "best practice" for structuring of games; with a loading screen, level 1, enemys etc. 



I hope someone can point me in the direction of another example on here as I would very much like to see it. 





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There isn't a more in-depth example just yet, but we are working on them as fast as we can! Documentation is nearly complete which will help a lot, but what you seek is more like a break-down of how you'd structure a project, like a project template if you will. We're building one of these at the moment, and putting up posts on this forum to try and help in the meantime - this one is a good one to read for example:


If you have a specific question please definitely ask it here and we'll reply - and if you can give us a couple of weeks we'll have lots more examples and finished docs too, which I know everyone is really waiting for :)

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