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Formula Unplugged: WebGL-based racing game

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Hi guys, 


We started working on Formula Unplugged, a colorful 3D racing game using an isometric view: http://danlabgames.com/index.php?GameID=formula.




The game is playable in any browser that supports WebGL (http://caniuse.com/#feat=webgl). 


Right now, every race features 6 cars (you are the red one) and your goal is obviously to finish first. To do so, you can bump into the other cars to stun them for a few seconds (they will drive sideways or into the wall if it's nearby). 


Watch out for oil spills!


post-15074-0-21634400-1434617480.png post-15074-0-01004500-1434617445.png


Upcoming features include: 

- New tracks

- Coins to collect on the track (to unlock more tracks)

- Timer


Any feedback is welcome.





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Great game, easy to play and really funny because the collisions with other cars are really well managed. I like the mix between wanting to win the race and trying to get all the coins. I also like the oil stains :)

Very cool graphics and sounds. 

I don´t know if it needs or not the typical speed bar or velocimeter to visually know the speed of your car.

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Hey guys,


Just wanted to let you know that a few things were added to the game: 

- Coins can be used to unlock the tracks

- The scores and leaderboards are now based on your time

- A new, more rewarding, game over screen has been implemented with a medal


Again, don't hesitate to write your impressions and suggestions. 





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I find it lacks structure and reason why to play the game?

Two tracks and two cars that i tried seemed identical and the miniature look was dull.


It ran perfectly and had simple but great visuals.

You might consider some kind of career mode?

Naming the opponets might give them some personality?


Driving games have hard time to feel fresh and new. Think ways to make your game unique.

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nice job! I'm working on a racing game myself, not in 3d though. I was wondering: how do you handle the text? are you simply rendering it to canvas? or is it added to a texture and then rendered in webgl. So far I've been using html overlay for text and this is not the best for performance I believe.

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