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Tilemaps as children of groups


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Hey guys,


Hope I'm not creating too many topics. None of my questions seem to be directly related to one another.


I'm trying to create tilemap layers within a group, so i can iterate through them.


MT finds and creates the group, but the group has no children. In mt.helper.js, line 643, the blank layer isn't added to the group that's passed into the function, so it loses its group and ends up being attached directly to the world.

var tl = map.createBlankLayer(object.name, object.widthInTiles, object.heightInTiles, object.tileWidth, object.tileHeight);

should probably be

var tl = map.createBlankLayer(object.name, object.widthInTiles, object.heightInTiles, object.tileWidth, object.tileHeight, group);

I've already made the change locally, but since this should be expected behavior, I just wanted to point out that it doesn't work.


EDIT: Actually, it seems like the mt.helper file is rebuilt every time, so I have to dig a little deeper to find the source so it doesn't keep overwriting my changes. Making the change official, if tilemaps in groups is expected behavior, would be very much appreciated! Thank you.

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thank you for pointing out and fixing issue, I have added your changes to the repo.


mt.helper.js is overwritten every time project gets updated - to include bugfixes like this for all projects.

If you want to keep your local version - just rename mt.helper.js e.g. mt.helper-local.js and change index.html accordingly.

Original mt.helper.js is located under: server/templates/default/src/js/lib/mt.helper.js

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