Mighty editor local development

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here is how I use it:

* if on windows - download - git for windows - https://msysgit.github.io/ and install it

* download nodejs - https://nodejs.org/ and install it
* open git bash
* execute following commands:

cd /c/users/your_user_namegit clone https://github.com/TheMightyFingers/mightyeditor.gitcd mightyeditor./startdev

open google chrome and go to http://localhost:8080


** you can also want to edit config file- located at: server/config-dev.js

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installation requires internet. If you need offline installation:
* download: nodejs - https://nodejs.org/ 

* download git bash - https://msysgit.github.io/

* download fontforge - https://github.com/fontforge/fontforge/releases

* download mightyeditor - https://github.com/TheMightyFingers/mightyeditor/archive/master.zip

* save downloaded files on the usb drive.

* install nodejs and git bash on offline computer 

* extract master.zip - e.g. C:\users\your_user_name\mightyeditor

* edit server/config-dev.js - to fit your system

* open git bash

* execute:

cd /c/users/your_user_name/mightyeditor./startdev

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Thanks so much! Two more things 1.Do I need to be on github clone the repo? and does gitbash come with git for Windows or is separate?

imo - you don't need an account to clone repo  - why don't you try out? :)

Git bash is a part of git for windows 


And what do I need to edit config-dev. js for? Sorry if I sound dumb I'm a noob

If fonts isn't working - you might need to change fontforge to full path

you can change host and port also there.

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I have setup the mightyeditor in my system, but I encountered a problem,

when I click userdata in the editor page,

it shows "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property length of #<CSSStyleDeclaration> which has only a getter",

so I cannot add or edit userdata, did I miss something in the installation?


Trace back to the editor source code as follows: (:8080/MT/ui/InputHelper.js:85)


inheritStyle: function(){
   var bounds = this.el.getBoundingClientRect();
   var style = window.getComputedStyle(this.el);
   for(var i in style){
      this.input.style = style;                                                <-- this line causes the problem
ps. I am using up-to-date chrome browser.
and sorry for my pool english.

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help ME:(


$ ./startdev
2015-10-16 15:53:25:  Starting server { root: '../client',
  host: '',
  port: 8080,
  shutdownTimeout: 3,
  index: 'index.html',
  prefix: 'p',
  servers: { p: 'tools.mightyfingers.com' },
  projectsPath: '../client/data/projects',
  buildDir: '../client/data/build',
  dbName: '.db.json',
   { from: 'info@mightyfingers.com',
     auth: { user: 'info@mightyfingers.com', pass: '********' } },
  tools: { fontforge: 'fontforge', mobile: '/home/kaspars/compile' },
  auth: { sessionLifeTime: 604800000, hashRounds: 12 } }
2015-10-16 15:53:25:  { [Error: Cannot find module 'nodemailer'] code: 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND' } SERVER SHUTDOWN
stack trace
Error: Cannot find module 'nodemailer'
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:337:15)
    at Function.Module._load (module.js:287:25)
    at Module.require (module.js:366:17)
    at require (module.js:385:17)
    at Object.MT.plugins.Postman (C:\users\dka\mightyeditor\server\plugins\Postman.js:5:16)
    at Object.<anonymous> (C:\users\dka\mightyeditor\server\Server.js:23:18)
    at Module._compile (module.js:435:26)
    at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:442:10)
    at Module.load (module.js:356:32)
    at Function.Module._load (module.js:311:12)

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projects are located in the:

You can copy/rename project folder or move to another computer.




ME project link contains ID: {project_id}/{revision_name} 
revision name by default is 0

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Yeah I did that. If I click on "Source Editor" I can see my written code, browse through the folders and everything - but in the map editor I just have a blank screen. So no assets will show up, no objects are created etc... just a blank screen like a new created project :/

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map is stored in the:


I just have verified that you can copy projects and everything should work fine.

Be aware that you need to turn off nodejs ( server ) if you are overwriting existing project - otherwise server can rewrite newly copied files any time.


You can call your project any name you wish instead of hash - e.g. RacingGame ( instead of p2555 )


and then navigate to the: http://localhost:8080/#RacingGame

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aaaand some other issues. I wanted to give windows another try, so I cloned my instance. When I use Chrome for DEV chrome takes ALL my RAM (and I mean ALL of it! All 16GB!). Another Problem: fontforge, I installed it but when I want to add a font it just says:

 ERROR: exec fontforge { [Error: Command failed: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /s /c "fontforge -script info.pe
 The command "fontforge" could not be found (<-- hand translated from german, somethink like this in english)

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Wow, I thought it was bad when chrome sucked dry my 4gb ram.

I haven't tried in a while as I got scared away by the ram requirements on my older ultrabook, but I had more luck memory wise on Firefox.

On some windows versions I believe chrome has may have some leak problems, not sure where the fault may lie though.

But in my brief test Firefox didn't have the same problem.

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it's no problem using chrome on linux. runs fine. but on windows it causes these ram problems. I use Opera now for dev on windows and maybe git for my projects to switch easier between win and linux. but the font-forge problem still remains. I can see from the error, that I need to have fontforge in my PATH for executing command-line stuff. But I'm not sure if a "special" font-forge setup is needed for windows. I just googled it and took the first setup I got.

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I already tried my best, 4 hours of work yet I still dont get it, how do I use mighty editor offline??

I already installed node.js, cloned the mightyeditor from github, tried all the command lines at git prompt thing.

I'm getting crazy already !!


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