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[WIP][Three.js] Stellar-Conflicts Multiplayer 2D/3D

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Throwing up a post about a game I'm working on, hopefully near an Alpha type release. Game has 2 different plays styles, a 2D isometric style, and 3D FPS style. There is a really short tutorial zone that describes the basics on how to play / fly. Looking for any feedback or suggestion on design, play style, and also places to promote this type of game. (New to html5 gaming)


2D basic controls, W/A/S/D->standard move / turn    Q/E-> Strafe   Space-> Guns    Shift ->Afterburners 


3D basic controls are a little more tricky, W/A/S/D->standard move / roll    Q/E-> Strafe   R/F-> Up / down  

 L -> Lock mouse for pitch and turn.  Space-> Guns    Shift ->Afterburners 


Mouse wheel to zoom in for FPS mode, and right button to change the camera.


Direct Link to game files


Website link:


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