[Completed] QuadraDigger - a GameBoy Block Puzzle Game

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Hey folks,


This was supposed to be a simple project to learn HTML5, but spiraled way out of control and took months to finish.  It seems to run for everybody (might require a browser refresh for some), so I'm calling it finished!





Place blocks, blow up dirt, and DIG!




QuadraDigger is (obviously) inspired by Tetris for the Game Boy.  You can rotate and place blocks, but beyond that, it's a whole new game.  Fill holes with blocks and use explosions to pull blocks down before they scroll of the screen.  Set up huge combos for maximum points!


The game runs fine on my iPad, and has been reported to work well in some models of iPhone and Android.  HTML5 being what it is, I can't test every playform with every browser, so I'm finding it difficult to debug.  Sometimes it's the same browser, same version, and same platform as me.  (If you're reading this and the game totally bombs for you, I'd appreciate a bug report :P)


I spent a while learning how the Twitter and Facebook API works so you can send out screenshots from in-game.  The driving force behind that was a shameless desire to help players with advertising to spread the game a little bit ;)  I'm not sure if it will work or not, but it's a fun experiment nonetheless.  Getting the touch-screen working was a challenge.  The controls feel good enough for me, but without the sensory feedback of actual buttons, I'm often going diagonally by accident.  Nevertheless, still easier to control the game with two thumbs, imo, rather than tapping all over the screen.  That could just be because I'm an old dinosaur game developer who refuses to adapt to our brave, new world of tablets.


The game has an online scoreboard stored in an SQL database.  There are PHP scripts to manage the list, submit scores, and report back to the Javascript client.  Because it's stored in SQL, it's super easy to get rankings in a variety of ways, so there are daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time score boards.


Think that's it!  So far, my top score has been just over 500k, back when the well was at 2/3 its current depth.  I have yet to reach the bottom after the change!


Hope you enjoy it!



-- Simon

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nice twist on tetris! I really like your game, makes you think. I'm sure there is a good strategy, but so far I have not found it.


Glad you like it :)  Using gravity helps a lot, I've found.  If there are stray blocks are holes in inconvenient places, clear out some blocks below so they drop to the bottom.  Trying to clear at least 5 blocks at once seems to work best - anything lower, and the explosion is pretty tiny.  What I like about this game, which was a surprise to me, is how many different situations you find yourself in with block formations, so you're always improvising.  After lots of practice, I can usually get to about 50%-70% deep until it's going too fast for my poor brain :P

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