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Move to a region where a battle is being fought in ‘Toy DefenseHTML5 game. Get involved in a military confrontation of a toy army against attacking enemies. The military superior proceeded a command to defend a toy headquarters and  beat off the attack of opposing toy forces.




Become a Commander-in-Chief of toy militarists and put your troops on various spots to beat the aggressor.Place the valiant riflemen, fearless machine-gunners, flamethrowers and strengthen your positions with mighty cannons and ack-acks. Save the most advanced soldiers and use them in the next battle! Win the battles and gain more scores to buy important improvements, such as: an increase of durability and damage area, an extension of fire rate and many more.




Start protecting at 'First Blood' set of levels and continue with the others - 'Hard Winter', 'Die Hard', 'New Tide'. Stop the aggressor and protect your toy headquarters with the help of toy forces in ‘Toy Defense’!


Play online on your devices: http://playtomax.com/games/Toy-Defense/

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