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[Phaser] Nimble dodge game

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Great feedback, thank you, will take all of this on board. @Wambo, I definitely have to relocate the 'ride like the wind' message - maybe just a countdown to the left but no message.


@Gods, can you clarify what you mean by responsive? It shoudl respond to your input right away, but do you mean that the players white disc moves rather slow? Thsi is by design and it does speed up when you get the 'ride like the wind' perk. Am I misunderstanding what you mean?


@nivanmorgan, yes, it is hard, but i sort of want it that way. it takes a bit of practice to get good enough to get score like 30 or so (my top is 67), and you will likely die before even getting to 10 or more first few tries or so. But I will see how much of an issue this seems to be during the other feedback I get - I may have to rethink this!

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