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[Phaser] Frog Needs Flies

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I am not really sure if this game is appropriate for this section as it is such a simple and rough game. I created over a few days in order to learn a bit about Phaser and try it out.
This is a single screen jumping/platform type game, heavily influenced by the Atari 2600 game Frogs and Flies. Pretty simple, you jump, you catch flies, and you try not to fall out of the trees.


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My bad, it works now. Sorry. Maybe a temporary problem from GameJolt...

I'll post a review later :)

EDIT : for now, i can say this is good for a "game for testing phaser". Nice concept !

I just have a suggestion, maybe hard to apply but nevermind : some flies fly (ba dum tsss!) extremely lower so if the player is idling, his score will upgrade alone each time a fly touch the frog. You can fix that by applying a minimal body.y for flies. But I don't know how was the ATARI game, so maybe it's not a problem after all.

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