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Music not stopping when browser minimized?

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I'm using Construct 2 and having a problem with the background music still playing when the browser is minimized. This is happening on iOS Chrome and the Android stock browser. Weird thing is in iOS Chrome it stops the music if you go to a new tab but not if the browser is minimized. The music stops playing fine in iOS Safari & Android Chrome when new tabs are opened or you minimize the browser. I've tried using the C2 events like


Browser > On suspended > Stop All & Stop by name

Browser > Page is not visible > Stop All & Stop by name


which don't work. I checked the JS and have 


function onVisibilityChanged() {
if (document.hidden || document.mozHidden || document.webkitHidden || document.msHidden)
document.addEventListener("visibilitychange", onVisibilityChanged, false);
document.addEventListener("mozvisibilitychange", onVisibilityChanged, false);
document.addEventListener("webkitvisibilitychange", onVisibilityChanged, false);
document.addEventListener("msvisibilitychange", onVisibilityChanged, false);
I don't know if this is browser problem, because sound stops fine on Safari and Android Chrome, just not in iOS Chrome and Android stock browser, or if it's something with my engine. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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I tested some Phaser, Construct 2 and Gamemaker HTML5 games out, and it seems to be a problem with the browsers.In games from any engine, the audio does not pause on Android 5.0 stock browser and Chrome for iOS when the browser loses focus and is put into the background, Safari, Chrome for Android and every other browser I tried does.

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