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Hi HTML5 devs!



I just released a tutorial on how to build a fully multiplayer game on Plynd


I've been contributing to this forum a few times, especially in this topic:


Plynd allows to build multiplayer games as easily as solo games:

  • No backend required: We provide the infrastructure! You can save and retrieve all the data that you need about your game without any server to set up. Even better, you can register some javascript functions to be run server-side.
  • Full multiplayer environment: We provide the coding-expensive experience of setting up a multiplayer game: Authentication flow, invitation, matching, notifications, chat, and more are there automatically for your players to enjoy.

The tutorial covers everything that's needed in order to build such a game. It is very detailed, but pretty fast to take.


I'd love to have your feedback on it, and I'm available on this forum, or at, to answer any question you might have regarding this tuto or whatever else :-)


Also, if you have any suggestion as to where to showcase this tutorial in order to get some readers, I'd love to take them :-)



Thank you very much!


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