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NEW Mobile HTML5 Game – Stay On The Road

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It's a pretty good game, nice graphics but the gameplay is a little limited.


I guess you're going for that "flappy bird" simple gameplay, but I think it would be nicer to swipe a steering wheel left and right instead of just tapping. I mean, once you over-steer a corner and you're headed to middle part there's nothing the player can do to correct this except wait to crash.


Also, there's a glitch; when you double tap or repeatedly tap the blue "play" button to start, it will starts multiple cars at once.

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I liked it, though the same thing which happened to BdR about car appearing more times happened to me. Aside from that sound stopped working for me, well after refreshing the page everything worked ok. It's nicely done and simple, I would suggest two or three things to maybe make it more thrilling and competitive?


I don't think steering right side will make this game more fun, but I wouldn't be against adding a sound during driving not just steering, at least to hear an engine working would make the game a bit more interesting when you are waiting until the car gets to turns.


Also what do you think about adding time counter per lap? It's a simple way to give a player that craving for better result in every lap (and maybe a random speed up for a few secs would make it complete for me :-))?



4 laps

20 coins

I can't do it anymore xD

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Wow guys, thanks a lot for the feedbacks, you are awesome! I'm going to check what I can do to improve the game. I'll probably leave the mechanics like that but a background sound and fixing the glitch is must.


When I said time counter I just meant that adding a time to measure how long it takes you to finish one lap therefore not only having the best score for how many laps you do at hand but you can also give the player an option to improve his times (because he could see the best time he had so far as well as the maximum number of laps - thought I would add this to be seen during game as well not just at the end screen), I didn't mean time per round and if not finished then try again. I just wanted to clarify myself :-).


Otherwise I wish you good luck promoting your game ^.^

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I've added a background music , facebook/twitter share and fixed the car duplicate / store coin bugs. Thank you guys for your feedbacks. I really appreciate it.


@Gods There was a game called "no break" if I am not remember wrong.

@oomfr Thanks!

@AzraelTycka Thanks for the explanation mate! You're right It would increase the competition but I don't think the lap time would differ that much also I will leave the score system like that. This kind of time recording would be good in a statics section though.

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I think it's a fun game. I really like the time-recording idea. Half the time, you lose in Flappy bird because the score is right up there on your face. When you're nearing your high score, you get shaky and lose. If you hide the score (with your finger :P) and play, you'll see you can make surprisingly high scores.


So, I'd say showing the time survived metric in the game is something you should try. Also, the game isn't running smooth on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4). There were a few lags on my laptop too.


Great game otherwise. Cheers!

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@TD2TL, sorry for the delayed reply. The forum should have a notification system for replies :P


Don't go by my S4. I have been messing around with its WebGL and GPU and all of that for too long. I was worried about why the game was not smooth on my laptop.


Great game still, is it available for embedding?


@Yashash Thank you! Did you run the game on the stock browser of S4 ? I've tested on the stock browser and it was really smooth.

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