Indies vs. Gamers Game Jam Team (Artists, Programmers, Musicians)

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Hi all! I'm here looking for people to join me in the Indies vs. Gaming jam this weekend (starting the morning of 7/17/2015 and ending the night of 7/19/2015). See here ( for more information on the game jam. If you don't know what a game jam is, it is an event where people get together (online in this case) to develop a game in a short period of time, seventy-two hours in this case, Friday through Sunday. Looking at events like Ludum Dare and the Global Game Jam can give you a better idea of what jams can be like (though this one is significantly smaller than both of those).


I'm a game developer-in-training halfway through a Computer Science/Game Design degree. I regularly use a mix of languages and engines but my plan is to use Phaser for this jam. If you didn't already know, Phaser is a Javascript engine intended for 2D games (and whose main forum is on this very website). It's pretty easy to pick up if you have any programming experience whatsoever and feel like learning something new before the jam. (I learned Phaser for a jam in a couple of days, knowing pretty much nothing about JS.) It is also wonderfully simple to use for team projects. 


I'm not necessarily looking for any particular role. Artists who like working in 2D (or 3D, if you know how to render a 3D model to sprites) would be especially valuable, as would people who enjoy dealing with music, sound effects, or other audio-related concerns. I'd gladly team up with another programmer or three who knows Phaser or who thinks they can get a grasp on it quickly. The same goes for writers who love (or want to love) game jams. Anybody who can contribute a resource capable of being put into a game is welcome. I can design, write, and program, and dabble in pretty much everything else related to game development, so I can fill in gaps as needed.  


The only thing I'd really like to have is a bunch of people. I don't get much of an opportunity to work with teams bigger than two or perhaps three, so if you are looking for a group and can play nice with others, you're welcome to jam with me. That runs counter to a lot of game jam advice: anything more than a small team will probably hurt more than help in a time-constrained environment. Usually, I try to follow that advice. But game jams are also for experimenting and fun, so let's temporarily ignore the conventional wisdom and see if we can make an awesome game with a big group. I have a few ideas and tools to make working with a large remote group easier if we get a crowd. 


I have no specific game ideas yet, other than something with quick playthroughs and a lot of variation; I'll likely be taking the start of the jam just to relax and chat with everyone about the theme and game ideas. 


If what I said appeals to you, and you don't mind my tangent-filled and parentheses-heavy manner of speaking, send me a message through this site, Game Jolt, or on Twitter @cdrchdev. I'm looking forward to jamming with you!


EDIT: Including myself, we now have two programmers and one artist. If anyone else (particularly any musicians, but any skillset would be welcome) is looking for a team at the last minute, or just would like to do a jam this weekend, please do contact me!

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