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New Jocly platform Interface

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we just released a completely new interface for our html5 board game platform: http://www.jocly.com (already more than 50 games)


We used AngularJS and provided a responsive design to be able to use the same interface on the smallest phone to the biggest desktop screen.


Most of the games are available in 3D (WebGL thanks to Threejs), video chat available depending on your device (WebRTC), and many other features.


We are looking for feedback, all comments are very welcome.


More details here: http://www.jocly.com/node/360







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I've heard conflicting things about the advisability of using Angular on mobile platforms, mainly due to the amount of stuff that Angular does behind the scenes, i.e., the platform is not particularly a light one.  Since you are using it, it must be working for you.  I don't want to pry at company secrets, but in a general way, is there any advice you can give about employing Angular on a phone?


Also, I must say that this is a clever idea, melding video chat with games.

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We haven't noticed any real issues with AngularJS on mobile so far.


There is only one thing worth noticing. We make an extensive use of AngularJS views (ng-view) and dynamic templates. This means some HTML code is loaded and injected into the page DOM based on user actions. Some browsers may have issues with that for security reasons. This is the case of Chrome when using the "file: //" scheme.


The workaround consists of preloading all HTML fragments at startup, and embedding them into script tags using the attribute type as "ng-template". This solves the security issue and makes things loads much faster since you don't rely on a network connection that may have been degraded at the time you need it.

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